McWilliams Funeral Home
a family serving families
since 1946

Kevin McWilliams, Funeral Director in Charge
P.O. Box 617
706 Bremond Street
Hempstead, Texas  77445
Phone:  (979) 826-2421
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McWilliams Funeral Home was established  by Alton and Gertrude McWilliams in Waller, Texas in
1946.  Alton and his son Bob built a second funeral home in Hempstead in 1956.  The two funeral homes
operated together until the early 1980's when Alton and Gertrude retired,  selling the funeral home in
Waller and  Bob continued the family business in Hempstead.  Bob's son Kevin continues the tradition
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Our chapel can easily accommodate 200 guests
We offer a full range of services to meet your individual needs
from pre-arrangement to aftercare.

Though we are home-based in Waller County,we are available to handle any of your
service needs worldwide.
Cremation                                                                         Traditional Services
Memorial Services                                                             Graveside Services
Full Visitations

Prearrangement Services
Total Funeral Planning
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We are equipped to handle any
religious preference
At McWilliams Funeral Home we offer you our reputation dating back to
1946.  It is a reputation based on our personal promise to provide you with
"Service from Our Hearts".  It means that our earnest desire is simply to
serve you in the same way that we would wish our own families to be served
if the positions should be reversed.  We trust that our sincerity will merit
your confidence in our service.  We trust, too that our service and guidance
will prove that your choosing McWilliams Funeral Home was not in error.
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