Helpful Tips
On the day of the funeral, it is always best to have a trusted friend or a relative who is willing to stay at the family home during
the service.  This person can receive foods or floral tributes that may be sent to the home as well as deter would be thieves who
see a prime opportunity to burglarize an empty home.
If the death of a loved one occurs away from home, have the proper authorities contact the funeral home of your choice, even if
it is very far away.  Funeral homes are equipped to handle deaths out of state and even out of the country and by contacting your
own choice, you save unnecessary expenses by involving more than one funeral home.
When a spouse dies, be sure to amend all wills, insurance policies, and assets of the surviving spouse as soon as possible.
Changing deed papers, auto titles, investments, and benefactors prevents unnecessary and time consuming problems later.