Here is just a little information and a few facts about the McWilliams Family
businesses of Hempstead:

McWilliams Funeral Home and Monument Company have been serving Waller
County and the surrounding areas since 1946 with full service funeral home and
monument shop.  Our funeral home offers a wide range of funeral services from
full traditional services to cremations.  We also offer various prearrangement
funeral plans designed for all ages.  Our staff is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a
year to answer any and all questions.  Our monument company offers a wide
variety of memorial needs consisting of various grades and colors of granite,
marble, and bronze.  We are the only full service monument shop in the area.  In
addition to the above, we also offer statuary from Italy, business signs, and home
improvements such as fireplaces and counter tops.

Beyond any printed or spoken word, we offer you our reputation dating to 1946.  
It is a reputation based on a personal promise to provide you with reliable and
personal service.

If you are a resident, newcomer, business, or just passing through, our years of
experience in Waller County can assist you.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy being in Waller county.  The way we look at it,
you shouldn't have to sacrifice service to get a lower price.  We think of this as
another way we can help.  So, if you should ever happen to visit us, let us impress
you in two ways:

                                    SERVICE AND VALUE